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Hawaii diving is full of colorful reef fish and the ever popular Green Sea Turtles. Breeze Hawaii dives on both the island of Oahu and also the Big Island. See the different dive sites of Oahu or Kona
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We have several choices to an introductory Scuba Dive. Or maybe you have a friend who is certified, & you would like to dive with them. Check out our Dive with A Friend program.
Hanauma Bay is a divers haven, a state park since 1967. Dive with abundant marine life and colorful reef fish. Enjoy spectacular diving with schools of fish, eels, octupus and the ever favorite Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles!
PADI Courses ~ including beginning classes through advanced classes. Ever considered making a career out of diving? Or maybe you are an instructor and are looking to expand your credentials. We are a PADI 5 Star Development Center so we offer it all!
Koko Craters -- These ledges of these volcanic craters are home to several species of tropical fish, eels, and octopus. There is also almost always a photographic opportunity with the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle . 40 feet.

Anglers' Reef -- Here you will find a long ledge between 2 to 4 feet high. Many fish congregate along the ledge and Spotted Eagle Rays frequent this sight. 45 feet

Sea Cave -- This is a double layer cave. As you approach you see a large cave above the water. 40 feet below lies a connecting cave. Here you can see many different nudibranchs and possibly a resident white-tip reef shark. After exiting the cave you will drift along a beautiful wall. In one direction there are many rare beautiful fish. In the other direction you will see large coral gardens. Weather conditional.

Mini Barge -- This small barge was sunk in the right spot for a dive. Just below the barge is a cave. LARGE Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles can be seen resting at the mouth of the cave. If conditions are right you may get a chance to visit a large undercut where a few white-tip reef sharks are known to sleep . 65-85 feet

Palea Point -- Due to ocean conditions this sight is a rarity. When you can dive here you can see schooling surgeonfish, lush coral gardens, and an eyeful of fish. This is considered one of the best dive sites on the island of Oahu. Average 60 feet

The Corsair -- In 1946 this WW2 fighter plane run out fuel on a training mission and was ditched into the ocean. The only regularly visited wreck on Oahu that was not intentionally sunk, this plane sits in 107 feet of water and is home to the majestic Hawaiian Garden Eels.

Spitting Cave -- This drift along a wall is one of our favorites. Here you can see a very large diversity of marine life! From the red cup coral and frogfish, to the turtles, this dive is a winner. Average dive depth 50 feet.

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