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Dive Log
  Daily Dive Charters
Hawaii diving is full of colorful reef fish and the ever popular Green Sea Turtles. Breeze Hawaii dives on both the island of Oahu and also the Big Island. See the different dive sites of Oahu or Kona
Never Been Diving and want to give it a try?
We have several choices to an introductory Scuba Dive. Or maybe you have a friend who is certified, & you would like to dive with them. Check out our Dive with A Friend program.
Hanauma Bay is a divers haven, a state park since 1967. Dive with abundant marine life and colorful reef fish. Enjoy spectacular diving with schools of fish, eels, octupus and the ever favorite Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles!
PADI Courses ~ including beginning classes through advanced classes. Ever considered making a career out of diving? Or maybe you are an instructor and are looking to expand your credentials. We are a PADI 5 Star Development Center so we offer it all!
Charters on Oahu & Big Island
Diving on Oahu

We are the only dive company that regularly dives all sides of the island. We dive west, south and east sides by boat year round and we dive the north shore beaches in the summer time. Our four boats allow us to keep you diving and never hit the same spot.
  • 2 tank boat dive: $114.80
  • 3 tank boat dive: $172.20
  • 1 refresher/1 boat dive: $140.00 (1ShoreShallow&1 Boat)
  • 1 tank night boat dive: $149.00
  • 2divers minimum
  • 2 tank sunset&night dive: 199.95
  • Full Set: $34.00
  • BCD: $9.50
  • Regulator: $9.50
  • Wetsuit: $7.00
  • Mask: $3.00
  • Fins: $5.00
  • MX-10 Camera: $25.00
  • Nitrox: $15.00
Plus sales tax 4.72%
Breeze Hawaii
Kailua-Kona - Hawaii:(808)326-4085